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Still, the ePIRLS achievement results show a range in performance from the top-performing to the lower-performing countries. Also available is one version for all Intermediate levels, one version for both Advanced levels, and one version for all TASK levels.

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Junior Achievement JA 's Approach to Evaluation Causal Causal research is the most definitive form of research when it comes to assessing impact.

Not the Only Measure There are other measures that students, teachers, and parents can also use to help evaluate academic progress. Internationally, there was not a predominant pattern one way or the other.

Did you increase sales, market share, or customer satisfaction by a certain percentage. Individuals with growth mindsets feel that they control their success, rather than external forces, so they are better able to problem solve and persist through setbacks.

The Test Analysis for Levels gives details impossible to achieve with hand scoring and generally unavailable with other testing services, or else mind-numbing in their complexity.

This is accomplished using longitudinal data, which involves following a cohort of students over multiple years to see how they progress as a result of their exposure to Junior Achievement.

Below are some questions that may help to think of how to quantify achievements broken down in terms of percentages, numbers, dollar amounts, and time Questions to ask yourself: An alternate Comprehensive Language subtest Form D replicates the writing process as closely as possible in a testing situation.

Did you recruit, work with, or manage a certain number of employees or teams. The CAT is nationally normed and is accepted in most states for homeschool use and reporting. For reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy, the base year is This section parallels the Reading Comprehensionsubtest, using literary, informational, and functional texts to measure the same modes of comprehension: See details on our order form.

Students must use reasoning skills throughout the subtest to reach answers. There are brief descriptions and sample questions for each content area to inform parents about the skills and abilities measured.

In general, students at all grade levels reported that JA fostered the attitude and provided knowledge that will help them set goals, seek out important information, and be successful.

Color line and bar graphs help you make sense of the numbers at a glance.

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Putting a number on your accomplishments is a sure way of conveying results and impressing the hiring manager. Use the time you save to actually make use of the information we provide, instead of stashing your test results in a file and forgetting about them.

Reflecting current science practice and research, this subtest aligns with the National Science Education Standards National Research Councilthe Benchmarks for Science Literacy American Association for the Advancement of Scienceand state standards.

You also do not need to quantify every single line in your work experience, but at least have a few per position on the work experience section. Dweck explains, when students view intelligence as something that develops over time they view challenging work as an opportunity to learn and grow.

By including a percentage as well as time spent, the potential employer has a measurable, defined idea of what you have accomplished, rather than just a general job responsibility that can already be assumed with the job title.


Word Study Skills and Sentence Reading are evaluated across a broader grade range than in previous editions. Results from the NAEP reading assessment are reported for public and private school students in the nation and are compared to results from previous years.

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Average Scores > Student Group Scores and Score Gaps > Achievement-Level Results >. Two-thirds of Americans say teachers are underpaid, and an overwhelming 78% of public school parents say they would support teachers in their community if they went on strike for more pay, according to the PDK Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools.

Hattie Effect Size Results.

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I first heard about John Hattie and his work on effect sizes in when he published his article Influences On Student Learning. At the time, Hattie was at pains to point out that nearly everything we do in the classroom helps students to learn.

rows · District Name District Code Subject P+A # P+A % A # A % P # P % NI # NI % W/F # W/F % Student Included CPI SGP Included In. Junior Achievement prepares students to develop successful financial management habits, empowers them to explore the potential of becoming an aspiring entrepreneur, and provides them with the skills necessary to succeed in a global workforce.

NOTE: DoDEA = Department of Defense Education Activity (overseas and domestic schools). Year shown with achievement-level results is the most recent assessment year.

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